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An Open Letter to Catty Women in the Workplace

“Her hair looks like a wig.”

“Her daughter is an ugly creature.”

“She’s a fat hippo.”

“She’s a fucking retard.”

These are just a few of the insults I’ve overheard being thrown around the office about other people. They’re not even about the same person. All four insults were about four different individuals. The amount of negativity between women at my workplace is horrendous.

Why is it that we treat our clients so well but each other so cruel? I hate when people say “That’s just how women are.” NO. Not every woman is a catty princess. Some of us go to work because we’re proud to have a job. We strive to be professional at all times in the workplace so we can end the stereotype that women can’t be taken seriously. Ladies, if we continue to attack one another we’re just reinforcing the sexist view that all women are “bitches.”

Don't let this be you.

Don’t let this be you.

I am such a different person in the workplace. Outside of work, as you have come to know, I cuss and can be completely ridiculous. My friends and family love me for it so who am I to change?  When I’m at my job however I leave the swear words, inappropriateness, and negativity at the door. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to be employed and know that many Americans would love to be in my position. The company I work for strives to have a positive reputation and I try to uphold that status not only for my company but for myself.

Now if you’re one of my best friends you’re probably thinking “Um, Jamie… you’ve called me a vagina-faced-hoe multiple times.” That’s right. I did and you should feel honored. The only people I call names or insult are the people I consider my family. You’re fair game. That’s just how it works. I don’t know why it is that we pick on those we love but we do. That is totally different from whispering derogatory things about the gay person in your workplace just loud enough so the other mean girls in your corner can hear and join you in laughter. That’s something that really happens at my job daily and I’m not cool with it.

Gals, let’s leave our tempers at the door and work together. If someone is different than you don’t alienate them but rather try to get to know them better. Odds are you can learn from each other. Rather than seeing differences in others, try to find what you have in common.  If your boss pisses you off don’t go vent by talking shit about her to someone else. You’re just spreading more negativity. You’re adding to the problem rather than finding a solution.

Bullying has been in the media more and more the last few years. It’s a problem for all ages, children and adults. If you’re offended when you hear that a child was bullied at school for being different, don’t go to work later that day and do the same thing. Be a better you. Make a difference.

I know this post is vastly different from what I’ve written before but it’s an issue that’s been bothering me for quite some time. To make it up to you, here’s a picture of my hamster, Rhino. My boss said today “People who own rodents are weirdos” as she was talking about another woman who worked in our office. I then turned around and said “I have a hamster. I can bring it in if you’d like.” She gave me a dirty look and said nothing.

Take a lesson from this adora-fucking-ble fluff ball.

Take a lesson from this adora-fucking-ble fluff ball.


  1. bensbitterblog

    I think its funny how you insult your family because you know them. I do the same, but to people I work with. And also to my family. The only people I don’t insult is people I don’t like.

  2. rockinaroundthefrock


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