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How to Refurbish Picture Frames like a BOSS

1. Channel your inner Macklemore

First things first. You need to find frames. Yardsales, Goodwill, “borrowing” from your grandparents… Look for picture frames that are the desired size you’re looking for. Only one in your size has Justin Beiber lyrics all over it? NOT A PROBLEM. That’s what paint is for. Thrifting frames saves you tons of money and lets you design it however you like. Pop those tags, bitch.

Walk into the club like "What up, I got a big... coat."

Walk into the club like “What up, I got a big… coat.”


2. “I’m gonna gut you like a fish!” -You to your picture frame

If you’re lucky enough to have found a frame where the back can be removed with little tabs, awesome. Skip these next few steps. If your frame is larger and has already been sealed with backing paper you’ll need to dismember it. Put on a Scream mask, pull out a small knife or scissors, and get stabby. Remove the backing paper and discard.


“What’s your favorite scary movie?”


3. Bring out your next torture device… pliers

Now that your paper backing is off, your frame most likely has nails holding things together. You’ll need to pry those nails up without removing them completely. Just bend em like I did last night with your dad.

Crafting torture device

Crafting torture device


4. Your frame should now be naked. Wipe it down. It’s oh so dirty.

After removing the backing, bending the nails up and removing the rest of the innards, you’ll want to fully wipe down the frame and glass before inserting your own photo or print. Wipe the entire piece down like it’s Leonardo DiCaprio and the cloth is your tongue.


“Don’t look! I’m naked!”


5. Insert your print and put the pieces back together.

You can add a mat if you’d like or keep it as is. I taped mine to a piece of black paper to make the colors pop! Insert into frame, replace cardboard, and bend the nails back down with your pliers. Awwww look. Cute birds in prison.


LOVE this print? Click the photo for where to buy it!


6. Admire your work. You’re so creative/ smart/ sexy.

Chances are you saved a ton of money by refurbishing old thrifted frames. I had been looking at similar ones in this size (9×12) at stores for $40 a piece! I found these at Goodwill for $6. The prints were from ArtPopTart on Etsy. Go check out her stuff.

Sniff. So beatufiul. Like a child but no crying, feeding, pooping. AKA It's perfection.

Sniff. So beatufiul. Like a child but 1,000 times better.



  1. Mike G.

    You got into the boxed wine again, didn’t you?

    1. FitsofWit

      Sir, even I have standards.
      Boxed wine is for people who live in boxes.

  2. Mike G.

    Oh, I see. Above a little cardbordeaux, then, aren’t we?

  3. Spoken Like A True Nut

    I think I need a cigarette.

    1. FitsofWit

      I’ll join you, but with a *cigar.

      1. Spoken Like A True Nut

        Ooh, much better.

  4. metkaf

    Aren’t thrift stores the best? I mean its like:
    1. Thrift Stores
    2. Puppies
    3. Penguins

    …Now I want to go to a thrift store… :/

    1. FitsofWit

      Penguins are overrated.

  5. Jessie Reyna

    I’m vigorously taking notes because you are the best teacher!

  6. annieemmy

    How did you manage to make a post about picture frames dirty? I’m not even offended, just impressed. You’re ridiculously entertaining.

    1. FitsofWit

      What can I say? It’s a gift.

  7. FitsofWit

    Thank you. Good luck!
    Adding humor to any task makes it 100 times more fun!


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