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5 Reasons Why Sometimes It’s Best To Have A Girl’s Night In

The group text between my three best friends and I buzzed like a Groupon vibrator.

“What should we do this Saturday?”


“What about a winery.?”

“We can’t go to a winery. I’m pregnant!”

Between jobs, classes, and children, the odds of us all having a free day were few and far between. For about a week our digital dance of indecisiveness became frustrating. Finally, we decided on a concept foreign to us; an idea we’d forgotten was possible over the past several years. We decided we were going to have a girls night in. At first the notion seemed dull but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that there are many advantages. More women should partake in the forgotten art of a girl’s night in and here’s why…


1. You don’t have to spend money.

Going out is fun but rarely free. When I’m with my girls I tend to splurge and have not one, but several drinks. Something about seeing your favorite females for the first time in months tends to make you want to go overboard. Appetizers, entrees, AND desserts?! YOLO! You start to rationalize insane purchases from the high of being surrounded by your best friends. The next day however, you’re left explaining to your husband that you can’t afford groceries this month because of the matching bracelets that confirm your soul sister status.

2. You can eat as much junk food as you want without shame.

A girl’s night in usually involves cheap junk food in mass quantities. Cupcakes are almost always present and a raw cookie dough buffet is never frowned upon. At some point in the night the hostess will mention that she doesn’t want any caloric goodies left over. This then begins round two of binging until every last orgasmic chocolate bit is nestled safely in the intestines of the guests.

3. You don’t have to crap in public restrooms.

It never fails. Nature calls almost always in the middle of a day you’re out and about. Whether it’s IBS or from some questionable cream cheese at breakfast, sometimes a day of exploring a new city with the girls turns into you needing to find a restroom as soon as possible. Awkwardness may arise as you explain to your friends that the urgency to locate a bathroom trumps their need to take 67 selfies in front of a monument. Point is, it’s a shitty situation that can be avoided in the comfy confines of your or your pal’s own bathroom.

4. You don’t have to dress-up.

There’s no need to dress to impress because a girl’s night in is for lounging. Forget the make-up and fancy dress. Proudly adorn yourself in your scruffiest set of pajamas. Stains on your shirt? That’s alright. Hole in the crotch ofย  your sweatpants? We’re paying it no mind (just wear underwear underneath, please).

5. You can actually TALK.

Sometimes after hanging with my posse I realize that we forgot to talk about something that we’d been meaning to discuss. Going to movies inhibits all conversation, bars are too loud to comprehend what my friends are saying, and shopping trips don’t inspire much talk other than stripes vs. plaid. When you’re all together in a familiar place without distractions, conversation can flow freely. Having all the girl’s together at someone’s home inspires more talking and therefore more bonding.



  1. Mike G.

    I really got nuthin to add on this topic. So, if I may, could I suggest a topic for your next post?

    I hope this isn’t considered rude or bad blog etiquette.

    Anyway, I want your take on what you’d do (or did) with the left over (?) Percocet or Vicodin from last month’s oral surgery. If you’ve already ingested the entire prescription, maybe you could regale us with the less-than-vivid recollections of the hours outer reaches of you imagination.

    1. FitsofWit (Post author)

      That IS a great idea that I’ll consider.
      There’s a few pills left. I like to keep some handy in case of my yearly kidney stone attacks.

  2. Jessie Reyna

    I miss Girls Night In dearly ๐Ÿ™ I get super pumped when I’m hanging with my friends and I realize there are no men around. A surprise Girls Night In is just as satisfying.

    1. FitsofWit (Post author)

      No sad faces, please. If you weren’t five trillion miles away I’d totes have a girl’s night in with you.

      1. Jessie Reyna

        That would be amazing. Someday!

  3. Queen Sylvia

    Amen to that! Girls night in rocks way better than anything else. Actually house party with any friends is the best in my humble opinion. Period.

    1. FitsofWit (Post author)

      House parties with *close friends are good.
      Not the college kinds where you’re expecting 12 guests and 90 show up. So glad those days are over…

      1. Queen Sylvia

        Ew no! I didn’t mean that kind of parties either, although my dorm room was always full of guests. But even then me and my roommate (which is a very close friend) and our two best friends preferred to stay home, or maybe we were just broke and had no other option…

  4. Sophia Ball

    Girls night in is definitely the best! I’m so sorry you ladies forgot about this for the past several years!!

    Also, loved the part about the necessity to take 67 selfies in front of a monument. #truth

    1. FitsofWit (Post author)

      I find that only 1 out of 15 selfies is acceptable. Best to take 67 just in case ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Sophia Ball

        Definitely. And although you intend to delete them, they live on your phone forever.

        And we can’t forget about the 15 minutes it takes to choose one of them, then another 10 playing with filters. Selfies are serious business.

        1. FitsofWit (Post author)

          I usually end up using the Valencia filter. I’m already so pale most filters end up making me look like a ghost.

          1. Sophia Ball

            Welcome to my life in the middle of winter in Canada!

            Just move to England. Ghost-pale skin is very in there. That’s totally my plan. ;-P

  5. naptimethoughts

    I’m for it. Girls night in is the way to go. We like to save money and occasionally hit up a SUPER EXPENSIVE restaurant and blow it all in one night on wine, foie gras, and delicious tarts. So we’re fat and poor. Ugh.


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