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Nuts About Healthy Snacking – Sometimes

I can’t fight it any longer. Autumn is upon us and I am freezing my gonads off.

Last year I wrote this post about the change of seasons, seasonal affective disorder, and how the sudden drop in temperature makes me want to devour every fatty morsel in sight. This year I’m attempting to be better. I was already tired of sugary pumpkin spice lattes by the beginning of October. I’ve tried keeping healthier foods around the house but still occasionally find myself rubbing carbs on my face for comfort.

giphy carbs


The other day I finally carved one of several pumpkins I decided I had to stock up on, because if the apocalypse happens tomorrow, apparently gourds shall save us.

I cut open my sacrifice pumpkin and made my yearly Old Bay roasted pumpkin seeds.


*** angels singing ***

Separate the seeds from the pumpkin

Coat with olive oil and spread onto foil

Sprinkle GENEROUSLY with Old Bay

Bake at 300 degrees for 20 minutes

Flip seeds and bake an additional 10-20 minutes


Plus, eating seeds makes you look adorable.

Plus, eating seeds makes you look adorable.

This recipe is perfect because it’s healthy but doesn’t taste like bird crap (which I assume isn’t tasty. Prove me wrong only if you must).  I may also be biased since I’m a Marylander and any variety of crab seasoning is our holy water. As a matter of fact, you’d probably get me into church a lot easier with promises of Old Bay baptisms.

Find more healthy snack ideas for tailgating, parties, or in case coconut cream pie attacks your face, at  Visit their healthy snacks page for even more ideas and insights on how to keep snacking nutritious.


How do YOU stay healthy during tailgating, holidays, and hibernation? Or do you do what I usually do and call October thru December your YOLO months?

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Sexiest gif that has ever gif’ed

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  1. Spoken Like A True Nut

    I’m managing to be reasonably disciplined this season. At the culmination of last year’s Oct-Dec YOLO period I was declared “Most Dedicated Glutton” and awarded the grand prize of an extra ten pounds, payable directly to my hips. I have since decided I would prefer not to a repeat winner of that dubious accolade.

  2. the home tome

    I am not from Maryland, but Old and Bay are two of my favorite words…your gifs kill me. I do want to look adorable. I do.

  3. R. Todd

    Is Hamm eating.. ham? Does’t that make ham cannibalistic? (yep, totally put ham instead of him… )


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