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Celebrating Two Years of Our Extraordinary Ordinary

Today is my two year wedding anniversary. Last year I wrote a cute little post about my one year anniversary and stocked it full of memorable photos from our wedding day. It was perfect because our first year as newlyweds was coming to an end and reflecting back on our…
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Period Panties: A Modern Day Love Story

The other day I got what my grandmother calls “my monthly.” My period came unexpected as always. Sometimes every four weeks; sometimes eight. My period is a scarlet witch who flies into town any damn time she pleases. I don’t always mind since she’s ultimately there to reassure me no…
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Valentine’s Day Tips from a Laid-Back Chick

Valentine’s Day is this Saturday and I admit I’m not the type of girl Hallmark and florists cater to. When it comes to flowers I prefer buying my own year round to decorate the kitchen table. I despise lilies and cringe at generic red roses. I enjoy a medley of  chocolates packaged in pretty…
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I’m Published on Offbeat Home and Life!

A previous blog post of mine, Three Unconventional Ways I Keep My Relationship Fresh, is published today on Offbeat Home & Life!!! Click here to check it out. I’ve always been a huge fan of Offbeat Home because they focus on non-traditional lifestyles and celebrate weirdness. Their ideals are right…
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