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Let Freedom And Cigars Ring

Happy birthday America!!! Last year in honor of the 4th I wrote this snarky little article about ‘MURICA-related things that annoy me. This year, I’m celebrating. Why am I celebrating? Well, this is a summer of change for me. I’m investing in myself and my future. I’m sorry that at…
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Alex Vause Makes Me Feel Things

The following post is a part of the Funny Blog Friday Blog Hop – Girl’s Night. After reading today’s story, scroll to the bottom and click on the other bloggers participating. Each blog is also posting something hilarious, sarcastic, or all around funny today. Last night Season 3 of Orange…
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10 Inappropriate Places To Distribute Business Cards

In three weeks I’ll be attending my first blog conference. Upon researching exactly what one does at these conferences, I discovered that handing out business cards is a pretty big part of the experience. And so I made a shit-ton of mint green cards plastered with my face on one…
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Period Panties: A Modern Day Love Story

The other day I got what my grandmother calls “my monthly.” My period came unexpected as always. Sometimes every four weeks; sometimes eight. My period is a scarlet witch who flies into town any damn time she pleases. I don’t always mind since she’s ultimately there to reassure me no…
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