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How To Start A Blog: Unprofessional Yet Helpful Instructions You Never Asked For

So you want to be a blogger, huh? First, let’s get one thing straight. It’s not as glamorous as it seems. If you’re under the impression that blogging looks like THIS… …then you’re in for a rude awakening because blogging really looks more like THIS. I’ve been at this humor…
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Just Girly Things For Women Who Keep It REAL – Holiday Edition

Many moons ago I wrote a post featuring a few JustGirlyThings parodies I created, titled Just Girly Things For Women Who Keep It REAL. I’ve finally decided to bring the series back with a Holiday Edition. It’s festive, cringey, but most of all keepin’ it REAL. Enjoy.      …
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An Open Letter To Hugh Hefner About The New Face Of Playboy

Dear Hugh, According to media outlets, Playboy will no longer feature nudes in the magazine and there are several naysayers unhappy with this decision. I suppose most of the naysayers are hipsters who prefer viewing ass in print rather than on a computer screen. “Her curves were made for #3…
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Valentine’s Day Tips from a Laid-Back Chick

Valentine’s Day is this Saturday and I admit I’m not the type of girl Hallmark and florists cater to. When it comes to flowers I prefer buying my own year round to decorate the kitchen table. I despise lilies and cringe at generic red roses. I enjoy a medley of  chocolates packaged in pretty…
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How to Refurbish Picture Frames like a BOSS

1. Channel your inner Macklemore First things first. You need to find frames. Yardsales, Goodwill, “borrowing” from your grandparents… Look for picture frames that are the desired size you’re looking for. Only one in your size has Justin Beiber lyrics all over it? NOT A PROBLEM. That’s what paint is for. Thrifting frames saves you tons of…
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How I Spiced Up My Pasty Ass Kitchen Wall

Lately I’ve noticed just how white my walls are. Like, too much white. Yep, my walls were Ben Affleck white. Since I despise Ben Affleck I decided I needed a change. I mean, did you SEE Daredevil? I couldn’t be reminded of that shit every time I entered my kitchen…
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Trashy Craft Giveaway WINNER! (a day late because I suck jello)

I meant to announce the winner of my trashy craft giveaway yesterday, Nov 3rd. However, I had a crazy-filled weekend (which I’ll be posting about this week) and was too tired/ hungover/ lazy to post anything. Forgive me. So this morning I used one of those random number generators online where you…
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